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/staying-motivated-while-growing/Staying motivated while growing
/engineering-managers-stop-coding/Engineering managers, stop coding!
/kill-your-heroes/Kill your heroes
/this-is-how-i-am/Excuse no. 13 - this is how I am
/the-basics-of-one-on-ones/The basics of one-on-ones
/questions-vs-directions/Questions vs. directions
/learning-at-work-is-work/Learning at work is work
/thoughts-on-feedback/Thoughts on giving feedback
/top-10-questions-for-a-hiring-manager/Top 12 questions you get as a hiring manager
/goal-setting/The 101 of effective goal setting
/covid-burnout-health/On COVID, burnout, teams and self-care
/stories-we-tell-ourselves/The stories we tell ourselves
/how-to-stop-winning-arguments/How to stop winning arguments
/newsletter/2020-week-40/Newsletter - 2020 week 40 - Ochronus online
/newsletter/2020-week-41/Newsletter - 2020 week 41 - Ochronus online
/newsletter/2020-week-42/Newsletter - 2020 week 42 - Ochronus online
/four-dangerous-animals-of-product-development/The four dangerous animals of product development
/newsletter/2020-week-43/Newsletter - 2020 week 43
/newsletter/2020-week-44/Newsletter - 2020 week 44
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