My name is Csaba Okrona. I'm currently and engineering manager at Contentful, leading one of the infrastructure teams. I used to be an engineering manager at Prezi before. I currently live in Berlin - see my LinkedIn profile for more.

I'm a seasoned and business savvy engineer manager.
Always thinking about new ways of growing engineers, improving the business, the teams and the processes.
Specialties: Team & peer coaching, management.
Being an IT executive has completely reaved, ruined and shaken my life. I can never be thankful enough for that.

The past:

A full stack web engineer with 13+ years of experience. Keen on performance optimization of online services, scalability and architecture.
Programming languages: python (django), javascript, typescript, scala, clojure, go, rust (past-past: PHP, ruby, rails, erlang)
I have been managing software engineers in the last 5 years

I believe:

- that beliefs should be subject to revision

- in growth mindset vs. innate talent

- in the notion of ownership

- in roles vs. status and position

- that old guards and new guards can be friends

- in lean and agile -- the principles, that is, not necessarily the implementations

- in empowering people

- that communication and culture in and between teams make or break a business- that the 'people first' approach wins in the long run

- in openness and transparency on all possible levels

- in 'consult' and 'sell' vs. 'tell'- that one of the greatest joys for engineering leads is to see their engineers grow both professionally and soft-skill-wise

- in hiring for potential vs. hiring for knowledge

- that soft skills should be filtered for during the hiring process with great focus- that change is not only necessary but also good -- though only if it's conscious

- that aiming for clarity gets you 80% there in communication

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